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Independent Weekly

How N.C. Central's jazz program became a national leader with leadership that included Stanley Baird

WUNC Radio - The State of Things

Host Frank Stasio talks with The Stanley Baird Group before their performance at the Art of Cool Festival

Armed Forces Entertainment - Overseas Tour

The Stanley Baird Group takes its first tour overseas to visit troops in Pacific countries.

Armed Forces Entertainment - Turkey

The Stanley Baird Group visited Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, to perform for Airmen.

Armed Forces Entertainment - Jordan

In honor of African American history month, the Cultural Section of the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan was pleased to present the Stanley Baird Group in a free concert of well-known jazz hits and original songs at the Hussein Cultural Center in Amman.

Weather the Storms Benefit Concert

Benefit concert featuring jazz greats including Marion Meadows & Friends, Chip Shearin, Will Brock, Freeman & Adia Ledbetter w/ Ira Wiggins, Lois Deloatch, Cheryse Lewis, and Val Jones.  

Concert to aid Toddlers Academy

Saxophonist Stanley Baird and bass players Freeman Ledbetter and Chip Shearin are veteran musicians with strong ties to Durham's music scene. They came together not to play music but to celebrate their common connection to Toddlers Academy, a child-care center that was damaged in a fire.

Alliance of Ethics and Art

An oral history project, “The Force of Ethics in Civil Rights,” begun in 2005, and in October 2013 includes over 200 video interviews and scores of audio interviews with unsung pioneers nationwide—men and women of all races who deserve our nation's acknowledgment and gratitude.

Armed Forces Entertainment - Tour Announcement

AFE announces that The Stanley Baird Group will tour the pacific and perform for the troops.

Independent Weekly - Shepard Jazz Camp

June 25, 2003 - One rarely thinks of jazz, community service and education at the same time. But the Shepard Middle School Jazz Camp encompasses all of these and more. Founded by noted local jazz musicians, Stanley Baird and Chip Crawford.

Marc Sumner Lee and musical artist extraordinaire Stanley Baird stop to talk and listen to Soul Play (R&B Band).

Raleigh Durham Music

May 3, 2014


Featured on WOA International Radio

Stanley Baird's song "SILENT NIGHT" was featured on W.O.A INTERNATIONAL RADIO. Take a listen to Episode 7.